Water Pianism – The Guide – Sample 7

Being artistically creative does not come with a rule book and the acquisition of knowledge does not influence the inherent abilities of the creator.


By ‘acquisition of knowledge’, it is to be understood that no amount of pages of theory will alter the inherent ability, personal experiences or intentions of the performer, thus output remains a most personal affair.

This is not to say that knowledge is not useful or beneficial; rather, the Water Pianist is simply able to differentiate between acquired knowledge for purposes of discussion, analysis and teaching and inherent ability which simply exists without knowledge or a need to be discussed or analysed.

A demonstrable example of the aforementioned is pitch-perfectionism; one may be able to identify all twelve major scales by ear alone yet remain blissfully unaware of key names, even the title for what is produced so effortlessly, ‘Major Scale’, despite an inherent ability to find and play them with perhaps remarkable ease of fingering.

Thus, the acquisition of such knowledge alters nothing whatsoever in terms of ability and serves only to aid in related discussion and analysis.