Water Pianism – The Guide – Sample 5

If the pianist is frustrated or distracted for any one of 10,000 reasons, playing is negatively affected. The five most common reasons of frustration are: impatience, force, comparison, expectation and doubt.

By impatience, it is to be understood that immediate results are impossible and that rushing is not a property of water. Thus, rejecting the concept of time, which itself implies a beginning and an end, is a special quality of the Water Pianist. That which is studied will surely be mastered when the moment of mastery reveals itself. It is therefore unnecessary to be impatient.

By force, it is to be understood that the excessive repetition of a particular part of the music or scale or the physical abuse of the hands or fingers coming from a strong desire for absolutely perfect execution are entirely detrimental to progress. A significant trait of water is that it shapes landscapes only through steady persistence. The Water Pianist never exerts energy in a futile attempt to unnaturally achieve that which is not yet naturally possible.

By comparison, it is to be understood that no two pianists are alike and that when one tries to replicate the abilities or style of another, personal identity is lost and the art of music itself suffers from the loss of that individual’s artistic value. The Water Pianist understands that the use of adjectives is of no use since that which is acceptable or suitable for one, is not acceptable or suitable for another, thus rendering comparison futile.

By expectation, it is to be understood that what you are able to do is a result of what you have done at every moment until this very moment; everything is perfectly as it should be and any thoughts of believing a great You should exist now, are unfounded. The Water Pianist understands this logic and never sets up expectations, understanding that they are obstacles which impede natural progress and cause nothing but disappointment when not achieved or overcome. You are always a product of previous thoughts and must accept this at every moment.

By doubt, it is to be understood that whatever you wish to be able to do with your piano skills is most certainly possible, realistic and achievable. The negative mindset of doubt is a poison to any individual in pursuit of any form of artistic expression which is why no doubtful thoughts are permitted to enter the mind of the Water Pianist. The time given to doubting oneself is time better spent focusing on that which is necessary at that moment.

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