Water Pianism – The Guide – Sample 4

A label is an adjective given to a fact, opinion or experience based on our own unique perception of it. Considering that everybody indeed has their own unique perception, it becomes impossible to absolutely define a fact, opinion or experience with one adjective agreed upon by all.

In pianism, this could be understood as playing a ‘difficult’ or ‘easy’ piece, trying to tackle a ‘tricky’ passage or confidently playing a ‘simple’ melody. What is difficult, easy, tricky or simple for one maybe indeed be the opposite for another, rendering the musical moment indescribable.

This is a well-understood key word to the Water Pianist, indescribable. By not considering any piece, passage or melody as anything at all, everything becomes possible; the duration to achievement is simply set by the individual without comparison to others. This invokes a removal of doubt, as well as that of immediate expectations, and provides an obstacle-free, more pleasant journey along your musical path.

Understanding what labels are helps in their removal from the conscious mind. What may seem difficult at this stage, no matter any experience gained, must be considered doable because eventually, it will become easy. This change of label should be key in understanding why labels are of no use and actually do not have any value in personal progress; what is perceived difficult now will become easy yet still be considered difficult to another. Both individuals would do well to remove the label and simply spend time on making natural progress, with every musical moment considered indescribable.

Because labels come from the ego’s need to be in control at all times, conscious thought must be involved. It is a conscious decision to say to oneself, “This is really difficult” or “I enjoy this because it’s very easy to play”. Further, this usually results in avoidance of the perceived difficulties and repetition of the easier components since it satisfies the ego to act as such. What results is staleness in playing because the easy parts are repeated and the difficult parts are never worked on. This is not progress. As can be seen, labels may have a detrimental effect on the pianist.

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